Office Closure in December..... further information.

To enlarge on the headline I have added to the Home Page, about closing the office during December. 

This is something we have never done before, and we have thought long and hard about doing it now. 

However, with the Covid restrictions, lock-downs and disruptions to normal trading, Teressa and I have decided to create a window of time, during which we can tackle some of the important work that goes on behind the scenes to keep things running.

Teressa is the one who has to deal with our manufacturers to keep stock and saddle orders processed smoothly, but she is also the one who deals most directly with our clients and customers and has try to fulfil their expectations.

This has been increasingly stressful since the summer, because she has been trying to manage so many delays in saddle and pad stock getting to us. ๐Ÿ˜•

These delays have been caused by the manufacturers having a horrible time with the main lockdown and then staff having to self-isolate at times.  They have also had problems getting supplies of their materials, so there are difficulties all the way down the line and they are all doing their best to keep things moving too.

The result of all of this is that our clients and customers (including your horses) are having to wait for so much longer then they ever have had to before. ๐Ÿ˜ž  Most people are being very understanding, for which we are very appreciative.  

Please be assured that if Teressa receives stock to fill delayed orders and can get them shipped out in the first week of December, she will, but beyond that, we will have to hold off till January.  We know that the Couriers are going to be ridiculously busy this December because so many of us are relying on them to deliver presents to people we would normally be seeing in person, so the last thing any of us wants, is for our packages of saddles, pads etc, getting lost in transit as we get closer to December 25th

The other thing that we will be doing behind the scenes in December is getting everything we need to get ready to trade with countries who are currently classified as being within the EU, but come January 1st, will become Rest Of World countries.   This will mean changes to the way things are priced and the way we have to ship packages.

We hope that when we re-open the online shop and the office to accept new orders, emails etc. on January 4th, we will be ready to press on into 2021 and have caught up with having stock ready to ship as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our Facebook Page as well.  You will find a new and easier to see link to that on the Home Page now.

All the best




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