Michelle Lackey

Michelle Lackey

Role: BALANCE registered Saddling Consultant

Region: Cleveland area Ohio, USA

Based in: USA

Areas covered: USA

Contact: Michelle Lackey - [email protected]

Phone: 216 337 2922

Saddling Services Offered

  • Saddling Consultations
  • BALANCE Saddle Checks & help for those who have previously bought saddles
  • Lecture-Demos and Workshops/Courses/Clinics

Areas Covered

Ohio, USA and neighboring States.

History with BALANCE

"In 2002, I met Carol Brett through Parelli Natural Horsemanship.   At the time, my off the track Thoroughbred, Brahman, and I were studying Parelli Natural Horsemanship and trying to execute lead changes…without bucking.  I was told that it could be a saddle issue and suggested to try a BALANCE Saddle.   The result was instantaneously amazing!   While cantering AND lead changing, I don’t know who was smiling and laughing out of pure joy more…Brahman or I!  I then contacted Carol for a Saddling for Success Clinic at my boarding barn.

"Carol has opened up my path for horsemanship and has created an awareness of how a saddle affects a horse’s movement as well as his and my overall well being.   By being in balance, my horse’s and my emotional and bio-mechanical states are so much more fluid and harmonious.  My vision has become clearer in how my horse and I interact to find that inner peace to create an outer beauty.  Thank you, Carol, for being a mentor who understands, knows how to teach it, and lives it.  And for always putting the horse first."

Equestrian Experience

"Since I have been four years old, horses have always been a big aspect of my life.  I grew up on a horse farm in Ohio that gave about 100 riding lessons a week and also boarded horses.  This gave me the opportunity to ride and be around many different breeds and dispositions of horses.  I have ridden and competed in western, hunt seat, saddle seat, and dressage.

"I was so honored to have been asked to join the BALANCE Team as a Test Ride Facilitator because it complimented and grew upon my Natural Horsemanship philosophy.   I create an awareness of horse’s and people’s mental, emotional, physical, and bio-mechanical fitness in order to develop a foundation that reaches a personal horsemanship goal.  I do this so people can understand the psychology of horses, communicate with them, and ask the horse to perform bio-mechanical correctness to improve athleticism.  All of this creates happy, healthy and safe horse and human relationships."


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