£525 or very near offer

Style: GPD

Length: C

Width: R

Region: Cumbria

Country: United Kingdom

Condition: Used but in excellent condition

My Irish Draught mare horse loved this saddle. She had beautiful movement at liberty but all (other) saddles I tried stilted her shoulder movement.

The Matrix saddle was a revelation and we never looked back. Her movement was flowing under saddle, her shoulders were free allowing her hindquarters to engage with ease. Sadly she died 5 years ago and the saddle hasn’t been used since, it has been stored with care. I’ve now decided to hang up my stirrups and put this lovely saddle up for sale. I will include the Pro-Complete Pad set, the saddle cover and a Griffin Balance wool lined saddle pad, all used but clean and well cared for.

Will ship anywhere at buyers cost from Appleby, Cumbria

This Matrix GPD style works well for riders who want to predominantly do flat-work, but also integrate some trail riding and small jumps into their horse's programme.

The Matrix range of saddles are exactly the same construction as the Felix Range, but the Matrix saddles do not have solid points below the level of the stirrup bars. This makes the front of the saddle very flexible right up to the level of the stirrup bars.

Contact: Julie Connolly -

Phone: 07501 331014

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