Style: Dressage

Length: B

Width: XX

Region: Buckinghamshire

Country: United Kingdom

Condition: As New

Nexus Dressage Saddle

This saddle is looking for a good home, with someone who will use it to keep their horse comfortable and able to move well.

It was made as a stock saddle some years ago and has been waiting in our stock room for the right person and horse.

You will see from the photos, that the leathers used for the skirts and flaps have a definite buffalo type print, which means that the fats that are used in the tanning process tend to sit in the lines and oxidise into a white coating. Normally, this isn't noticed because when a saddle is in regular use, kept conditioned etc. this doesn't happen.

So, we hope that someone will want to buy it and love it.

Ideally, it will be bought by someone who is already used to riding in a BALANCE saddle and is used to the width, because the combination of the style (dressage), width (XX) and seat length (B), means that it is likely to be a challenge for anyone who has only ridden in conventional widths of saddle! Even if the horse needs this width of saddle to be comfortable, the width sometimes requires that the rider is willing and able to adapt their riding style, stirrup length etc to also be comfortable.

However, this is a chance to buy a new BALANCE saddle for a heavily discounted price.

If the same saddle were to be ordered today, it would cost £2,400, (plus VAT in the UK) and could take 8 months to get made with the current delays from Covid that are happening! f you are interested in buying this particular saddle, please use the documents that can be found in the download are of this website.

If you want to buy this saddle, please download the two PDF documents that you need.

  • Document 1 is a Used Saddle Order Application and
  • Document 2 is a copy of the Terms

Contact: BALANCE Saddle Company - [email protected]

Phone: 07415 302547

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