Discounted Combination Pad Set 1

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  • Cushion Quilt, Saddle-Shaped Pad to go directly against the horse's back.
  • Pro-Complete Base Pad in ¼ inch thickness
  • Pro-Complete Large ¼ inch JB Pad.
  • Pro-Complete standard ¼ inch JB Pad.

BALANCE Discounted Combination Pad Set 1

This set of 3 Pads is shown in different colours to make it easier to see what they look like. Please note that the pads don't always have to be used together, some horses who have really good strong backs only need one of the JB pads, while others may need both.

Please note: that in the image above of the Combination 1 set, we have used different colours of pad to show you what is in the set.

When a horse has a strong, healthy and well muscled back, he will usually only want/need a saddle pad like the Extra Thick, Wool-Fleece Saddle Shaped Pad plus one of the JB pads, or both of the JB pads layered to create the appropriate level of lift needed under the front of a saddle that has been deliberately chosen to allow room for the lifted and engaged back. This amount of padding is what we would classify as 'maintenance saddling' aimed at keeping a healthy back healthy and well muscled.

If you are just discovering the concept of Constructive Saddling and have access to a saddle that is slightly wider than considered correct by a conventional saddle fitter, this Combination Pad Set #1 would provide you with the tools to experiment with that saddle to provide your horse with a level of freedom and comfort he or she may never have felt when under saddle.

It is important to be aware that if you like the way your horse moves and behaves in the wider saddle and this pad set, you must monitor any changes in the horse's shape as he or she increases in muscle mass!

Don't get too close to the horse!!!

There is a lot of talk about the need for the rider to be close to the horse and to this end, there are many saddles on the market that have been made with hard, thin panels and there is also a tendency for riders to only use saddle pads that are thin.

In fact, conventional saddle fitters still insist on believing that horses do not need any form of padding under the saddle if the saddle fits their static body shape! Unfortunately, these outdated beliefs force many horses to experience discomfort every time they are ridden, which the opposite of what is needed for good performance.

Minimum padding needed to create a Functional Saddling method. Most horses do better with more depth of padding than this.

It is possible to use the 1/4" Pro-Complete JB pads on top of the thinner, 'regular thickness' Wool-Fleece pads, but in reality, we have rarely found a horse who prefers this (if given the choice) to the thicker Wool Fleece pad, which is why we do not offer the Regular Thickness, Wool-Fleece Saddle Pads in our Combination Pad sets.