BENT. Bent Leg Stirrup Irons

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Otherwise known as the Australian simplex irons, these safety stirrup irons have been designed to prevent the foot becoming caught in the stirrup in the event of a fall.

Bent Leg (safety) Stirrup Irons

NB: The size of the irons should be chosen according to foot size…Choose the size that gives you approximately ¼" (6 mm) of space either side of your normal riding footwear. Please note that riding footwear should always have a small heel and have only a shallow tread for safety.

These Irons come complete with black stirrup treads, as shown, to increase comfort and security.

**Please note that we are not able to buy these in quantities required by wholesalers, so we usually have to pay normal retail prices for these! Our selling own price reflects this and you may be able to buy the same kind of irons for a lower price if you do some research.