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BALANCE Long Breastplate straps

Long Straps to Retro-Fit your own English Hunting breastplate.

The English Hunting Breastplate was originally designed to have long fixing straps to attach lower down to the girth straps (billets), not onto the D rings at the front of the saddle, as is so common today.

This is the best arrangement as it is more secure and provides more lateral stability than attaching the straps to the top of the saddle.

Unfortunately, If you already own an English Hunting Breastplate you are unlikely to be able to attach it to the girth straps anymore because they are usually made with the straps too short to do this.

For this reason, we keep a few long strap sets in stock for those of you who want them. You can swap your short straps for these longer versions and reach back to the top of the front girth strap.

You won’t get quite the same effect as is possible when using a BALANCE designed Breastplate, because the top strap that goes over the neck, in front of the saddle, ideally needs to be longer than on most breastplates you can buy, but it will be an improvement.

At their longest length (on the last hole) the straps measure 40 centimetres and have a good number of holes to make them shorter.