Deluxe English Hunting Breastplate

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The BALANCE Hand Stitched, English Hunting Breastplate
We recommend the use of a good breastplate to any rider who will be riding over hilly terrain and/or making tight turns at speed e.g. show jumping, cross country riding, endurance riding/racing.

This version of the English Hunting Breastplate has the features as described below, and is hand stitched by a Master Saddler, using beautiful English Leather. We only have a few of these and when they are gone, they are gone! (An alternative version of the Breastplate is also available with the horse friendly features found in the Deluxe version, but at a lower price.

About the English Hunting Breastplate and the BALANCE design features.

The English Hunting Breastplate was originally designed with long fixing straps to attach to the girth straps (billets), not the D rings as is so common today. This is the best arrangement as it is more secure and more stable. BALANCE has breastplates made in this way, with the additional feature of a high level of adjustment in most of the straps, to ensure a comfortable fit for most sizes/shapes of horse/pony.

You will notice that the ends are turned so that the smooth side of the leather is against the horse. Just a small detail that respects that the horse's comfort has to be a priority.

These hand stitched versions of our breastplates are the last ones we have and we don't intend to stock them again.

We have a few in black, brown and chestnut and all of these are in the Large size. This has a generous amount of adjustability for Cobs, Warmbloods and up to heavyweight Hunter/types.