Deluxe Lined Saddle Cover

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BALANCE Deluxe Lined Saddle Cover

Poly-cotton outer, in BALANCE Blue with the BALANCE logo embroidered on the cantle gusset and printed on the side with text. Soft Micro-Fleece lining for added protection. Strong elasticated edging with a cantle gusset that creates a good shape to fit your saddle.

This is the saddle cover that we currently include/put on all of our Xtreme Dressage and Xtreme Jump saddles when they are sold. If you need to replace your original Xtreme Saddle cover, or upgrade from the standard cover that we normally supply free-of-charge with our new saddles, this is what you need. It is only made in one generous size that works on all of the Xtreme sizes and styles and most other adult sized saddles. (too big for the Junior Saddles and not big enough for most Horizon saddles)

Alternatively, if you have to take your saddle to competitions, or need to take it back and forth between home and the yard, we also make a version of this Deluxe cover that has a shoulder strap and carrying handle to keep it safe, protected and easier to carry.