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A simple, effective and inexpensive way to change the colour of your Pro-Complete set . Please note: that you need to be using a Base Pad or, a Base Pad with Add-On Pads like a JB or Remedial Pad to make use of this slip cover.

Slip Cover for Pro-Complete Pads

Most people opt for dark coloured pads (Black or Brown) for everyday schooling and training, for understandable reasons!  However, for competing in jumping or dressage, it is more common to see white pads used and this poses an expensive problem if the rider wants all of their pads to match.

Buying additional Wool/Sheepskin pads or a 2nd set of Pro-Complete pads, just for showing, in order to colour match is a considerable investment.

With this in mind, we have designed this simple Slip Cover to get around this problem, by completely enclosing the Pro-Complete Base Pad and any 'Add on' Pads (JB or Remedial) in a colour that matches our standard Wool Fleece Lined or Sheepskin Saddle Pads.  

Made from a soft and stretchy micro-fleece, it is easy to put on and take off.  It is thin enough to avoid affecting the influence of the pads inside, but dense enough for the pad colour not to show through. It is very easy to wash and dry. 

We trialed them with a number of horses and riders before adding them to the shop and can report that they did not seem to affect the stability of the saddle or pads.

Standard Colour Options

'White' (which matches the bright white, cotton quilt in our Wool-Fleece Saddle Pads)



However, if you want an alternative colour, please use the 'Contact Us' form on the website to check on availability and price.


The Slip Cover will accommodate both the Regular and Long versions of our Base Pads, so only one size is shown/needed.

We have deliberately used a dark Saddle Pad and a white Slip Cover in the photographs shown above, so you can see the shape of the Slip Coverwhen used with a Pro-Complete Base Pad inside.

The shape at the front of the Slip Cover is generous enough to allow you to use our Pro-Complete Add On Pads (JB and/or Remedial), including the Large JB pad, on top of a Base Pad, in order to BALANCE the saddle correctly for individual horse shapes and postures. 

Showing how the pads are inserted from the top side of the slip cover.