The BALANCE UV Buff with reflective strips

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The BALANCE High UV Reflective Buff® with reflective strips

Like a lot of brilliant things, the Buff® is extremely simple and versatile. It is a seam-free tube of material that can be worn as a scarf, hat, face protector (from wind, cold or extreme sun), a hair band or scrunchy and much more! This one has a soft reflective strip bonded into the material. Very helpful as a safety feature, when having to handle horses, run, walk dogs, cycle etc. in the dark.

This is a custom Buff® with the popular and attractive BALANCE logo shown in bright, multi-colours on a Black background. A versatile and unisex colour combination!

This High UV Protection BUFF® is made for the hottest months of the year using Coolmax Extreme™ fabric. A special 4 channel fibre pulls moisture away from your skin to the outer layer of the fabric where it evaporates faster than any other fabric to thermo-regulate your body temperature. High UV Protection Buff® also blocks 95% of all Ultra Violet rays! However, it also works brilliantly as an extra layer of protection and comfort from wind and cold in winter months, particularly under riding hats, cycle helmets and similar, because the material is thin enough NOT to affect the fit of the hat in most cases.

Also great for using around the stable/barn to keep your hair from getting full of dust, horse hair etc..
Go to the Buff® website for a demonstration of all the different ways you can use an original Buff ®