Junior Pro-Complete Remedial A Pad

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This pad is made from two layers of ¼" gel-foam, one slightly smaller than the other, to create a graduated (stepped) ½" lift at its thickest point (in the center).
It can be used on either the Junior size of Base Pad or directly onto one of the Junior sized BALANCE Wool Fleece Pads. (not suitable to use under the BALANCE Bug saddle)

The BALANCE Pro-Complete Remedial A Pad for Junior Saddles

It can be useful for ponies with a dropped back posture where the lowest point of the back is under the middle of the saddle area.
With supportive correct training, many ponies are able to learn how to engage their hindquarters enough to lift the middle area of the back, at which point this little pad becomes unnecessary. With this in mind, it is sensible to think of the pad as temporary and to remove it from time to time to give the pony the opportunity to fill the space it sits in, by engaging his back up into the saddle.

For example, you may be aware that when ridden in a controlled area, where the pony and rider can focus on correct movement, BALANCE and engagement, the Remedial A pad is not necessary, and might even get in the way. However, when out on a trail ride, if they cannot sustain this same level of engagement, this pad can be used to ensure a more even connection between the pony's back and the whole of the panel area of the saddle.
Proportioned to work with the BALANCE Junior saddles, this Remedial pad is suitable for use under:

  • English saddles in children's sizes (16½" and smaller).
  • Bareback pads in children's sizes.
  • Treeless saddles in children's sizes.

The dimensions of this pad are shown below.

  • A -- B = 7" (18cm)
  • C -- D = 5½" (14cm)

Colour. Only in black as the pad sits under the middle of the saddle and is not seen.