Teressa Pickford

Teressa Pickford

Office Admin. Manager & Company Director

Teressa can turn her hand to most tasks in the office, but her main focus is on organising things to run smoothly with the large range of BALANCE products. 

This is a highly responsible job which involves working with all of our suppliers and manufacturers, to co-ordinate stock levels.  Teressa oversees most of the Quality Control checking of saddle pads, harness and the BALANCE saddles, which means that she knows the products extremely well.  Her attention to detail can be challenging to the people who make BALANCE products, because any deviation from the high standards we expect from them, get picked up and rejected!  

Fortunately, our manufacturers and suppliers are very good at what they do and rejections are not common, but we want to feel confident that any and every product that has the BALANCE logo on it, has been made with care and consideration for the horses and riders who are going to be using them.   

Teressa also took on the day to day book-keeping tasks back in 2017 because we were finding it difficult to find a reliable book-keeper at that time, and does that very well.

Since the death of BALANCE co-founder Carol Brett in 2018, she has also taken on more of the tasks related to the Sales office in order to allow Managing Director, Lesley Taylor-Brett, time to deal with the day to day running of the company.