How to try Functional Saddling, using BALANCE designed products, with BALANCE trained saddling consultants.

  • If you want to try saddles and the padding system, designed by BALANCE to work so well as a Functional Saddling approach, please see the 2 options shown below.
  • Click on the 'Read more' button under option 1 to find a consultant. You'll be able to select a country and view the listed consultants who have been trained by the BALANCE organisation. They are all committed to putting the welfare of the ridden horse 1st. and helping you to identify saddles that keep out of the way of good movement and provide comfort.
  • Have a look to see if there is someone who lives or visits your country. As well as being able to help you to order a new saddle, if that is what you decide to do, most of them also have access to 2nd hand saddles.
  • If there is no-one who can help you direct, you can also look at the information in Option 2, which explains the option of doing a Distant Consultation.

Find a consultant

Is there someone in my country/area who could see me and my horse?

Distance Consultation

How to do a 'Distant consultation' when a visit from a Consultant is not possible