See, try and buy BALANCE saddles

The three most popular ways that people either buy BALANCE Saddles or simply learn more about the saddles and the BALANCE approach are shown below.

  • If you want to meet someone who has good knowledge of the BALANCE methods and has BALANCE saddles that you and your horse can try, you need to Click on Option 1 - our consultants.
  • If there is no-one available in your country/area, but you still want help from BALANCE in the form of a Distant Consultation, you need to click on Option 2 - Distance consulting.
  • If you have already tried BALANCE saddles and know exactly what you want to order without needing any input from us, you need to click on Option 3 - Buy direct.

Find a consultant

Is there someone in my country/area who could see me and my horse?

Distance consulting

How to do a 'Distant consultation' when a visit from a Consultant is not possible

Buy direct

I know what I need for my horse and just want to order a BALANCE Saddle