Shopping News and Information

The BALANCE Office closes for our Christmas break at 4 pm on Thursday 15th December this year.   It opens again at 9.30 am on Monday 9th January.

We cannot guarantee that orders being placed at the moment will be shipped before Christmas.  We have to stop shipping before our last day of business, to be sure that items arrive safely before we close. 

 Covid, Flu & Post-Brexit problems with suppliers are still causing some delays that we have no control over,  so please understand that we can't always give you definite manufacturing and delivery times.       Thank you. 

Shipping Information

The prices we are having to charge for shipping by courier within the UK and beyond have increased beyond all expectations!   We know that the shipping costs to most countries outside of the UK will look high, but we continue to look for ways to reduce them.  However, we have learned the hard way....that it is essential to use tracked and insured methods.  

Please use our  Facebook Page for more information. BALANCE.Functional.Saddling