Support for BALANCE Saddle owners.

One of the things that is a little different about the way we work with people who use our saddles, is that want them to value their own ability to assess the day to day needs of the horses in their care.

The conventional/traditional model of selling saddles has tended to to encourage horse owners to believe that they are not capable of assessing the ongoing suitability of their saddle once they have paid for it!

Saddle fitters often rely on a steady flow of saddle checks, re-flocking and adjustment to supplement the income they make from actual sales. So, it is in their interest to encourage saddle owners to look to them as the experts and consider regular saddle checks to be an essential and responsible thing to invest money into.

We would never suggest that post sales checks are a waste of time and money in every situation. If someone is concerned that their horse is displaying symptoms that suggest some saddle related discomfort or interference, it is important that they don't ignore that and seek some help if they cannot assess and deal with the situation themselves.

However, there has definitely been a tendency in recent times, for the saddle industry to train horse owners to believe that 'saddle fitting' is something very difficult to learn and very difficult to get right. Something akin to combining the wizarding skills of Harry Potter and the scientific knowledge of Stephen Hawking!

No wonder that so many horse owners don't even attempt to assess the way their saddles are working themselves and yet, they are the very people who are best equipped to do just that.

In addition to being supplied with a saddle and appropriate pads that respect the way the horse's body needs to widen and function when in movement, the rider/owner needs to be encouraged to make use of the following advantages and skills.

  • Knowing the horse well and being in an ideal situation to look for and to assess the feedback that the horse is always providing.
  • Being able to take and record important information/evidence on a regular basis that helps to monitor how well the horse is using its body and also, how the saddle is working
  • Being able to fine-tune the balance and comfort of the saddle on an almost daily basis if needed, by having a quick, simple and easy way to make adjustments the way the saddle is sitting on the horse.
  • Knowing when it is time to ask for help from someone else .

BALANCE has always worked to provide horse owners with the equipment they need and also, the information and confidence they need, to assess and fine-tune the way the saddles they use, are working for their horses.

Here are some of the ways that ongoing support is available when wanted/needed.

  • The BALANCE trained and registered Saddling Consultants all have considerable experience and knowledge to share when someone wants some hands-on help with their BALANCE saddle, or even with a different make of saddle, provided it is being used as part of a Functional & Constructive method. Contact them direct, to ask how they can help you.
  • There is a constantly growing library of information in the FAQ area.
  • The start of a library of video clips in our YouTube Channel, that we are adding to in 2020
  • Many BALANCE enthusiasts who follow our Facebook Page and are a very helpful bunch who have a lot of experience to share too.
  • If you need some help and can't get it from the options listed above, you are welcome to contact us and tell us what you need. Use the 'Contact Us' page to ask for help if you don't have a direct email address, but please keep in mind that these email only get checked on a weekly basis and get answered in order of urgency, so you might not get a speedy response.

There will always be a need for the knowledge and skills of people who have spent many years of their life, training and learning about the way saddles are made, and the ways in which they work (or don't work) for horses.

It is important that this help is available when needed, but we do want to encourage horse owners/riders to feel that they can take more responsibility for the ongoing, day-to-day comfort of their horses when it comes to their saddling needs. This is so much better than only relying on a twice-yearly check.

A lot can change in the life of a horse within 1 month, let alone 6 months and the people who handle and ride that horse on daily basis are the people best equipped to protect his comfort, performance, and general health.

Client testimonials

  • I received my bit and I am thrilled with it!! It is for my mare, who has competed through Prix St. George but has been very hard to find a bit for. She has sharp bars, and despite every effort on my part, she has often had small bruises on the edges of her tongue.  I ride many horses and she is the only one this has happened to. I have been at a loss for what to change and how to make her comfortable. I was looking for a fairly thick bit that would be very stable in the mouth. The (BALANCE) Fulmer fits the bill and is working beautifully. It is really well designed and nicely made.

    Katie - United States

  • "The BALANCE lunge cavesson has worked wonders for my stressed, rushy, motorbike horse. Lunging used to closely resemble the wall of death!  It has changed her attitude towards her work and has relaxed,  strengthened and straightened her no end."

    Sarah - United Kingdom

  • "BALANCE, the time you continue to take for me, I am so touched. Thank you. The care and love you have for me, our horses, and horses around the world is astounding.  It takes time to  write thoughtful, caring, informative communications.  And, it is always just the right thing."

    Amy N. - United States

  • I can’t tell you how much I love my Zenith!!!  I went through 10 saddles in 6 years for my horse before I got my Zenith. Two were “custom” made for him. What a joke. I am on my 5th year with my Zenith and it is still perfect!!!  I cringe now when I see these very deep Dressage saddles with the huge thigh blocks. People ask me how I can ride in my Zenith with no thigh blocks and no deep seat. I say well now my horse is balanced and I don’t have to depend on the saddle to hold me. ☺️

    Melinda - United States

  • What can I say?  I love it!  The saddle and all of the accessories are great quality and look good but most importantly my horse is so comfortable that her stride has almost doubled, she glides round corners and works on the bridle with ease.  What a difference!

    Donna - Scotland