This option is suitable for those of you who already understand the BALANCE Saddling System and have had some experience of it on your own horse, or have had help from one of the BALANCE Functional Saddling Consultants to do a Distant Consultation with them. For example:

  • You have been using a BALANCE saddle that you bought direct from BALANCE for more than 6 months and want to buy a 2nd saddle that is the same basic size and model, but in a different style.
  • You have a trainer or friend who uses BALANCE saddles and has helped you to try a BALANCE saddle and Pad system that you and your horse have found to be perfect for your needs.
  • You have worked through a Distant consultation process with one of the BALANCE TEAM and are confident that you want to buy a new BALANCE saddle and know what you want.
  • You have had a BALANCE Saddle stolen or damaged beyond repair and want a replacement.

It is a very simple way of ordering a BALANCE saddle, but does rely on you being able to tell us exactly what you want to buy (saddle and pads) without any guidance from us. However, we may have to ask for further information if we are unsure about the saddle and pad details provided.

If you want to use this method, please open the PDF document on this Page. You will see the information that we need from you and this document will need to be printed off, filled out and signed before scanning or photographing and submitting to the BALANCE office using the contact information shown on the document.

Once we have received the document, we will email you to confirm its receipt and ask for any clarification if we need it. Then we will create and send to you a proper Order Application Form and the instructions on what to do.