If you cannot see a BALANCE registered Saddling Consultant in your part of the world, you may still have access to some help to understand how Functional Saddling could help your horse and which BALANCE saddle is likely to work the best.

Some of the BALANCE TEAM of Saddling Consultants have started to help people online during the Covid restrictions since 2020. This takes the form of a Distant Consultation.

Distant Consultations.

They will have their own charges and may have their own list of information that they need from you, although you will find a PDF document on this page, that shows the data that BALANCE suggests is necessary to supply, which you can use as a guide. You will need to get in touch with the registered Consultants direct to ask if they can help you. Their pages can be found here.

No pressure to buy a new saddle!

Going through the DSC process does not commit you to having to buying a BALANCE saddle, or any saddle, but it may give you valuable information and help you to assess whether your horse is as comfortable as he or she could be in the saddle you already use.

BALANCE HQ does not offer Distant Consultations.

The Distant Consultation process worked very successfully for many years, when done by the BALANCE Co-founders through the BALANCE office. Allowing us to help many hundreds of people and horses, too far away for a face-to-face Consultation. That work took up a lot of time for the two co-founders of BALANCE. Sadly, Carol Brett died in 2018 and in 2022, Lesley Taylor is putting her time into training more people and developing a stronger knowledge base in Functional Saddling to make sure that horse owners, and the saddle industry, have access to that, so it is time to hand the Distant Consultation work over to the BALANCE TEAM.

What do horse owners get from doing a Distant Consultation?

In using the Distant Consultation process, many people will feel confident enough to know whether or not they need to look for a different saddle for their horse or not. That could mean finding a similar saddle in a different width to be able to use a pad system underneath; looking for a 2nd hand BALANCE saddle in the width and style that is appropriate, or to order a new BALANCE saddle from one of the TEAM members, or via our Buy Direct Option.

Some of the Consultants own BALANCE saddles that they are willing to hire as either a demo saddle for a few days, or for a longer period to help to transition a horse with saddle related atrophy, through a Remedial Saddling programme.