Birgitta Bergsten's Schedule for Summer  2020

Birgitta Bergsten's Schedule for Summer 2020

Location: Switzerland, West Germany, Italy

Birgitta Bergsten, Senior BALANCE Reg. Saddling Consultant , is planning to be back on the road this summer. For bookings please contact her direct on [email protected] Please note: That the theory sessions that normally happen at the start of Saddling Consultations will now be done ON-LINE before the appointment to see the horse. Birgitta has created a new method using Zoom, and will post the dates and times here, and on FaceBook. People that are booked in for consultations will get an invitation per email with the details. JULY in Switzerland. 16th to 25th July she will be in Switzerland to see horses for SADDLING CONSULTATIONS a priority. For Saddle Checks, please contact Birgitta to set up an on-line session and watch this clip first. . A Translator can be arranged. If it is determined you need more help than this, a normal full...