Equinox GPJ

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The Equinox GPJ Saddle is built on the BALANCE/Equinox Tree that can have two different cantle shapes to accommodate the needs of many different shapes of rider.

For more information about the different cantle shapes see below.

The shape of the flaps is more forward cut than the GPD to make it easy for riders to work with a variety of stirrup lengths and positions. The seat is open and very comfortable making it a very versatile style. The shape allows stirrups to be pulled up short enough to make it easy for a rider to adopt a forward or half seat in good balance for jumping, but also ride long enough to be effective when doing predominantly flat work and dressage.

This is the style of choice for many riders who like to:

  • hack out for short rides or do long distance rides.
  • hunting
  • hunter trails and combined training.
  • especially good for starting young horses

This saddle style is also used to support riders in horse centred therapy and in riding schools who recognise the sense and the ethical obligation to keep their horses and ponies comfortable.

The saddle is made of good quality leathers and has a cushioned seat, which creates the almost-instant feel of a well broken in saddle.

The standard specifications for this style of Equinox are:

  • A range of BALANCE tree Widths: #2; #3 and #4.  These widths are required by healthy, well developed and correctly trained horses and for Remedial Saddling.
  • Short girth straps (billets) but long straps can be ordered.
  • Regular bars
  • 4 seat lengths A, B, C, D
  • Flap length 15 1/2 inches  This is approximate and is measured from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap at it's longest point. 
  • Adjustable/removable knee blocks  

Cantle Options

The 2/1 cantle is the original cantle that the Equinox was designed with. However, we then introduced the 2/2 cantle which is longer and can be used when the rider needs more room in the seat without making the saddle longer in the tree/panels for the horse. You will see from the images below, that the angles of the cantle are the same, in the 2/1 and 2/2. It is only the length that is different. The 2/2 cantle is also used as standard in the Xtreme Jump saddle, built on the Equinox tree (XJE).

Equinox Tree with a 2/1 cantle
Equinox Tree with a 2/2 cantle

Colour Options and Customisation.

Equinox with Blue Back Facing, Welt and Stirrup Keeper

Colour Options and Customisation

Standard Colours are Black or Brown, but if you want an alternative colour and/or customised trim, please contact the office for information on what is available.