Matrix GPD

2,880.00 including 20% VAT for UK and EU countries

2,400.00 for all countries outside of the EU (Rest Of World)

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This Matrix GPD style works well for riders who want to predominantly do flat-work, but also integrate some trail riding and small jumps into their horse's programme.

It is also used by some riders who compete at dressage, even at higher levels, when they are long from hip and knee and find that their knees float over the front of most dressage saddles and with its foam panels (which are shorter than flocked panels in the same length tree) it can help when providing a saddle for a tall rider on a short backed horse.

Remember, that the Matrix range of saddles are exactly the same construction as the Felix Range, but the Matrix saddles do not have solid points below the level of the stirrup bars.

This makes the front of the saddle very flexible right up to the level of the stirrup bars, which some horses really love and take full advantage of to create expressive, generous movement through the shoulders and forequarters.

However, experience has shown us that while reducing the hard structures within the front of the saddle by removing the points sounds like it would be good for every horse, some horses don't like the feel it provides.

For example, if the rider is not very stable, and/or the horse has some movement or postural challenges, the horse often needs more clarity and stability to feel confident, the Matrix can provide almost too much freedom. If the horse feels an instability in the saddle or rider, it tends to use muscles it should be using for good movement, to brace against the unstable feel.

Stability has to come from somewhere. If the rider cannot provide it, the saddle needs to do that job. If, however, the rider has the skill to be balanced, co-coordinated and stable in their riding, the Matrix can provide a level of freedom that takes things to another level.

Standard Specifications:

  • A range of BALANCE tree Widths: R, X and XX.  (This different way of labelling the widths of the BALANCE/FB7 tree, is because in the Matrix the tree has no solid points below the level of the stirrup bars.) The widths relate to the needs of healthy, well developed and correctly trained horses and ponies.Short girth straps (billets).4 seat lengths A, B, C, D.
  • Adjustable/removable knee blocks. Flap length on all seat length saddles is 17" (43cm).  This is approximate and is measured from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap at its longest point.  The saddle can be ordered with a different flap length, but it is very unusual for this to be necessary.
  • Regular stirrup bars.
  • Foam Panels covered in a reversed hide.
  • Highest quality leathers
  • Highest quality manufacturing by Frank Baines Saddlery.

Colour Options and Customization

The saddle is available in TWO standard colours: Black and Brown but other colours and custom trim options are available. Please contact the office to get information