Judy Fry

Judy Fry

Role: BALANCE registered Saddling Consultant. (Senior)

Region: West Sussex

Based in: United Kingdom

Areas covered: United Kingdom

Contact: Judy Fry - [email protected]

Phone: 07710 659 085

Website: http://www.judyfryandbalancesaddles.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Judy-Fry-and-Balance-Saddles-222814421198320/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9d4OB7ZaEI

Saddling Services Offered

  • Saddling Consultation (Distance & In-Person) - please see BALANCE Saddling Consultation Form below
  • Saddle Checks & help for those who have previously bought BALANCE saddles (Distance & In-Person)
  • Lecture-Demos and Workshops/Courses/Clinics
  • Coaching & Support for those helping their horses through the BALANCE Remedial Process
  • Follow up support using Skype/Facetime/Videos and phone calls
  • Judy has excellent facilities at her home near Billingshurst in West Sussex for consultations, demos and clinics. 
  • Judy can offer re-flocking of BALANCE saddles and has passed the Society of Master Saddlers' Flocking Assessment. 

Areas Covered

Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, Dorset, Oxfordshire. For any other locations within the South of England please contact Judy to discuss. 

Get to know Judy!...

Get to know a little more about Judy by watching her online chat with BALANCE Co-Founder, Lesley Taylor-Brett... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9d4OB7ZaEI

History with BALANCE

"I met Carol Brett from BALANCE during a particularly challenging time with one of my event horses.  Having sought professional help from a number of 'equine experts' and still finding no solution to my challenges, Carol made total sense to me as she explained the biomechanics of the horse and what my horse wanted from his saddle and me. From that day onwards, I spent extensive time training with the BALANCE Co-founders in Functional Riding & Training. Both have inspired and supported me with their clear training and wisdom, always leaving me wanting to learn more."

Equestrian Experience

Judy started riding at three years old, joined the Pony Club and then went on to event at Advanced Level in International 3 Day Events. She spent extensive time training with the BALANCE Co-founders in Functional Riding & Training as well as Functional Saddling. Alongside her Eventing career she also trained and gained her BHSII. 


Jane, East Sussex 

I have had the pleasure of knowing Judy Fry for about 5 years. I first met Judy when she came to assess and advise on my current saddle fitting issues with a view to possibly buying a balance saddle. She has since then not only regularly checked my saddle but also given me lessons and I have attended various workshops and clinics that she has run at her own yard.

She has a meticulous approach to saddle fitting taking a great deal of trouble and time ensuring the comfort of the horse and rider. She will then provide ongoing support as needed. Judy has an extensive knowledge of both horse and rider biomechanics which she uses to advantage in both her saddle fitting and teaching and she has a real eye for the way the horse is moving. Judy is an excellent saddle fitter and a great teacher who is a knowledgeable professional with a wide range of experience. I have appreciated all her guidance and advice which has greatly benefitted both myself and my horse. 


After a long time having issues fitting my young (4yrs old), very large horse, with a saddle I met Judy from Balance Saddles. From the offset Judy was highly professional and extremely knowledgeable and clearly explained the balance Saddle System in a such a way that it made perfect sense. She talked me through the rationale behind the concept of the saddles and went on to talk more about the importance of understanding the biomechanics of the horse and rider. We tried a number of saddles and found one my horse found suited him, throughout the process of trying the saddles Judy gave me advice on my horses way of going and how my riding affected him. I had struggled with him, losing confidence in my riding ability as he had historical sacroiliac issues, was very weak and still growing.  During that first consultation I had a “break through” all due to Judy’s instruction and the Balance Saddle. Having purchased the saddle I then booked Judy for further regular riding instruction. I have never looked back! That was 9 years ago, and Judy has continued support and instruct me, fitting Balance Saddles for the 3 other horses I purchased over those years.  I have attended a number of the workshops she holds and have each time learnt something new to add to my growing knowledge of equine and rider biomechanics. Judy is my “go to person” when experiencing any challenges with my riding and I value her support and advice unreservedly.

Susanna, East Sussex

Dusty 2015
Dusty End 2015

“When I first had my horse, she was locked into a very stiff way of going through her shoulders and her back.  So much so that she found it hard to maintain canter on a circle.  The benefit to my horse of using the BALANCE Saddling system has meant that she has been able to make huge improvements in her way of going, because she is no longer restricted by a tightly fitting saddle.  You can see these changes very clearly, both physically and also under saddle.

I have had regular lessons with Judy Fry and she has helped me with balancing my horse which has allowed her to go forward more freely.  Judy has taught me to be able to feel when she is moving correctly and efficiently.  This has led to a greater understanding between us and she is happier and more confident in her work.  Judy has been an inspiring teacher who knows how to get the best out of me and my horse.  I have achieved far more in my schooling work than I would ever have thought possible, and for this I have the BALANCE Saddling system and Judy to thank.  I would not consider using any other saddle now.  I know it is the most humane way of saddling my horse.”


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