This area of the site has been created to help people to find good, new homes for their BALANCE saddles and for those of you who know what you want and are looking for a pre-owned saddle.

For those of you who bought your saddle direct from BALANCE, there is only a small charge for you to use this service. This goes to cover some of the time we often spend, talking to people via email and/or phone who contact us to find out if a used saddle, advertised on our site, might be suitable for their horse! If you bought your BALANCE saddle from somewhere else, you can still use our 'Used Saddle Page' to find it a new home, but we make a higher charge for this service.

For more information on advertising your saddle, see the 'Selling your BALANCE Saddle' page.

For more information on buying a saddle from these Used Saddle pages, see the 'Information for Buyers' page.

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United Kingdom


EQUINOX GPJ saddle.  Seat length C  with a 2/1 cantle* Width #4 (widest Equinox fitting)  Black I bought this saddle new for my cob who, sadly,...

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Style: GPJ

Length: C

Width: #4

Country: United Kingdom


Matrix - GPD

My Irish Draught mare horse loved this saddle. She had beautiful movement at liberty but all (other) saddles I tried stilted her shoulder movement. The...

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Style: GPD

Length: C

Width: R

Country: United Kingdom

£525 or very near offer

Selling your BALANCE Saddle

We can help you find a new home for your BALANCE saddle.

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Information for Buyers

Some information about buying a used saddle.

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