Wool-Fleece Base Pad

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This is an alternative version of our Base Pad, which is made using the same standard quilt and wool-fleece lining as used in our saddle pads. It sits under the saddle and on top of one of the saddle pads/numhahs, to provide protective cushioning and has an addition internal shim/layer in the front area of the saddle.

The BALANCE Wool Fleece version of the Base Pad

The majority of horses are very happy with the Pro-Complete version of the Base Pad, which has a gel-foam core in either 1/2” thickness with an internal JB pad/lift at the front, or a 1/4” thickness with an internal lift at the front.

However, we have observed that some horses show a preference for all/most of the padding used under their saddle to be made of natural materials and so we designed a cotton quilt and wool fleece version of the BALANCE Base Pad.

There are short fixing straps on the front of the pad that can be attached to the fall-down rings at the front of all BALANCE saddles.
It has the loop side of a hook/loop fixing system along its length allowing any of the Pro-Complete Add-On Pads to be used on top of it if required.
It is important to keep the fleece on this pad brushed and fluffy to maintain its cushioning effect.
Please note: the degree of lift provided by this Base Pad, under the front of the saddle, is slightly more than the 1/4” provided by the Pro-Complete Base Pads.
This pad seems to work particularly well with the BALANCE saddles that are made with foam panels, because the foam panels seem to nestle into the materials of this Base Pad. The combination of foam panels and a gel-foam pad, can also create a tiny rebound in the saddle that some horses seem to like, but others do not. As ever, we strive to provide options so that every individual horse can have what they like/need.
The Wool-Fleece Base Pads are available in 2 lengths… Regular and Long. Use the measurements below to choose, but if you need more help to decide which pad to use with your BALANCE saddle, please contact the office for help.

If you have a non-BALANCE saddle and want to know if this pad would be the right size to use with it, please see the dimensions shown below.

Regular length
A -- B = 21" (53cm)
C -- D = 13" (35.5cm)
E -- F = 9" (23cm)
A -- B = 24" (61cm)
C -- D = 13" (35.5cm)
E -- F = 9" (23cm)