Pro-Complete ½ inch JB Pad

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This 'Add-On' Pro-Complete Pad provides ½" (12.5mm) extra lift and adjustment when used under the front of a constructively ‘fitted’ saddle and is the thicker version of the BALANCE JB pads.

The BALANCE Pro-Complete ½ inch JB Pad

The gel-foam material used in the Pro-Complete range has fantastic, horse-friendly properties that protect the skin from any shear forces created by movement, and protect the important reflex points in the horse's back, that sit underneath the front of the saddle, from being over-stimulated by high pressures. Stimulation of this reflex point, forces the horse into a contracted/dropped back, which is the exact opposite to the posture that good riding tries to encourage in the ridden horse.

Using contrasting colours, you can see a JB pad layered over a Base Pad, on top of a standard quilt square.

This pad can be used directly on top of one of our Extra-Thick, Cushion-Quilt Saddle Pads or one of the Double Quilt (QQ) pads, to provide a very comfortable interface, under a 'constructively fitted' BALANCE saddle, as part of a Maintenance Saddling programme. It can also be used in conjunction with a Base Pad or layered with one of our other JB pads, to create a temporary, bigger, stepped & graduated lift, to replace missing muscle on a horse that needs a Remedial Saddling programme.

The pad is made with the hook side of a hook/loop fastening system on the underside to attach to either a Wool Fleece Saddle Pad or, if the horse needs a higher level of protection and lift under the saddle it can also be used on top of a Pro-Complete or Wool-Fleece Base Pad or in a layered arrangement with the Large version of the ¼" (6.5mm) JB pad. These layered pad arrangements are often used for horses who are going through a Remedial approach to saddling, allowing the pad layers to be reduced by the rider to keep in line with the usual increase in recovered muscle mass that we see during correct Remedial Saddling programme.

Please Note…that this JB pad contains the 'gel foam' material in a single layer that is ½" (12.5mm) thick. It is very hard to create a graduated edge with the 'gel foam' material. For this reason, we recommend that this pad is only used on top of either a BALANCE Base Pad or a one of our thicker Wool-Fleece saddle pads.

We do not recommend that you use this ½" (12.5mm) JB pad alone, on top of a thin Saddle Pad/Numnah.

This size of JB pad is suitable for use under:

  • English saddles in adult sizes (from 17" up).
  • Treeless saddles in adult sizes.
  • Western saddles.
  • Stock saddles.
  • Bareback pads in adult sizes.
  • Baroque style saddles.

  The dimensions of this pad are shown below.

A -- B = 7" (18cm)
C -- D = 15" (38cm)
Colour Options.
This pad can be ordered in Black, Brown or Bright White. The Black and brown versions are covered in an attractive and hard wearing faux suede material. The Bright White version has a cotton covering. I