LARGE Knee Blocks for Nexus, Zenith, Matrix and Felix DR/GPD Saddles

60.00 Plus VAT, where applicable (£72.00)

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Large Dressage Knee Blocks - ORDER ONLY

If you need to replace the knee blocks that came with a BALANCE saddle that was made by Frank Baines Saddlery and want the larger block than the one that came with your Dressage or GPD saddle, this is the correct product page.

All of the current models of BALANCE saddle have the hook (hard) side of a hook/loop fixing system that is attached to the loop (soft) hook/loop material at the front of a BALANCE saddle.  Please note that there are some elderly BALANCE saddles in use and circulation that were made in the 1990's with fixed (sewn in) knee blocks. 

If you look in the drop down menus for the options available you will see that the knee blocks are available in black or brown.  Some of the Jump models have Chestnut coloured knee blocks.