Junior Pro-Complete 1/4 inch JB Pad.

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This Pony sized pad is suitable for use under Robin, Wren and The BALANCE Bug saddles. It can sometimes be used under the smallest of our other BALANCE Saddle Models when the standard size version is too big, and it is regularly used under the BALANCE with CADENCE Driving Saddle.

BALANCE Pro-Complete ¼ inch JB Pad for Junior Saddles

It provides ¼" (6.5mm) extra lift and adjustment under the front of a constructively ‘fitted’ Pony saddle and this is the thinnest Pony sized ‘Add-On’ pad and the minimal amount of lift and protection that we recommend is used on a well developed and well muscled pony, as part of an ongoing Maintenance Saddling programme.

The pad is made with the hook side of a hook/loop fastening system on the underside to attach to one of the Pony sized Wool-Fleece pads and/or a Pony sized Base Pad and can also be used in a layered arrangement with the large version of the Pony ¼" (6.5mm) JB pad, in order to provide more lift and protection for a pony who needs a Remedial approach to saddling.

Proportioned to work with the BALANCE Junior saddles, this JB pad is suitable for use under:

  • English saddles in children's sizes (16½" and smaller).
  • Treeless saddles in children's sizes.
  • Bareback pads in children's sizes.

The dimensions of this pad are shown below.

A -- B = 6½" (16.5cm)
C -- D = 11½" (29cm)

Colour Options
We keep a stock of these pads in a practical black, but other colours can be ordered for you if want a different colour. Please contact the office to check on availability and lead times.