Shopping News and Information

Life is slowly getting back into a less challenging state now that Covid is having less of an impact, although it has not gone completely, so please be aware that staff illness is impacting some of our manufacturers.   Post-Brexit problems with suppliers are also causing delays that we have no control over,  so please understand if we can't always give you definite manufacturing and delivery times.       Thank you. 

Shipping Information

The prices we are having to charge for shipping by courier within the UK and beyond have increased beyond all expectations!   We know that the shipping costs to most countries outside of the UK will look high, but we continue to look for ways to reduce them.  However, we have learned the hard way....that it is essential to use tracked and insured methods.  

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More great products to help you look after your horse, and be confident that you are being a responsible, respectful and loving horse owner.

From BALANCE designed and horse-friendly products including:

  • Saddle Accessories like breastplates, stirrup leathers and irons
  • Training Equipment, including the BALANCE 'Magic' Cavesson and Eeezy Reins
  • Saddle covers and cleaning products
  • Educational materials and books