Did someone say that life was getting back to normal?

Did someone say that life was getting back to normal?

Stop the Bus ……. I want to get off!

I remember saying to people at the end of 2021 ……… “It’s been a tough 2 years, but surely 2022 is going to be better”.   🤞

I really believed it too.  I thought that Covid would become less and less disruptive and that the fall out from Brexit would start to calm down.

Yet, here we are, coming to the end of March 2022 and nothing about life or running a small business, feels any easier.  In fact, the challenges just keep piling on.

Who could have imagined that Russia would be at war with its neighbour, with all the dreadful repercussions on innocent people and animals?   That the price of electricity and fuel would be going through the roof and food prices not far behind.

Every week one of our suppliers or manufacturers is closed again because of Covid related illness and so there is nothing reliable about trying to keep orders flowing or stock levels under control.

We have just had to increase the charges for shipping, because we are losing money on couriers’ charges.

It is hard to avoid feeling very gloomy. 😕

Meantime, I know that our TEAM of trained Saddling Consultants are still out there, doing wonderful work, helping people and helping horses to discover the joy of riding with saddles that don’t cause discomfort or restriction.

I don’t have a crystal ball, so I can’t predict the future for myself or for the BALANCE Saddle Company, but I can be confident that Functional Saddling will continue to be the obvious alternative for horse owners and riders who are committed to putting the comfort, health and soundness of their horses first.

The evidence speaks for itself, and I live in hope that in the near future, the principles of the BALANCE Saddling System will become the default approach to saddling.   If it does, it  will be a huge forward step in the evolution of riding horses

Stay safe and let’s stay optimistic ….. I really don’t like the alternative option.

I think the challenge we face at the moment, is to deliberately practice the art of looking for the things in life, that still bring us some joy and pleasure.   Whether a happy looking Daffodil, the birds busy building nests, a glimpse of sunshine or a beautiful moon and stars.

Its times like this that our animals are particularly good at grounding us and reminding us to stay in the moment.

So, whatever challenges you are facing, enjoy the time you have with your horses and leave the worries at the gate, just for a little while.  

Lesley x

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