Keren Morris

Keren Morris

Role: BALANCE registered Saddling Consultant

Region: Merseyside

Based in: United Kingdom

Areas covered: United Kingdom

Contact: Keren Morris -

Phone: 07982 933 198



Keren is currently on sabbatical, but is due to return in July 2023.

Saddling Services Offered

  • Saddling Consultations (Distance & In-Person)
  • Saddle Checks & help for those who have previously bought BALANCE saddles
  • Lecture-Demos and Workshops/Courses/Clinics
  • Coaching & Support for those helping their horses through the BALANCE Remedial Process
  • Follow up support using Skype/Facetime/Videos and phone calls

Other Services Offered

  • Riding & Training Coaching (Distance & In-person)
  • Horsemanship Coaching (Distance & In-person)
  • Equine Energy Work & Training for Horse Owners (Distance & In-person)
  • Horse-Human Connection, Communication & Relationship Training (Distance & In-person)
  • Understanding & solving behavioural or performance issues
  • Holistic Grass-free Track Livery in Merseyside, UK
  • Joint Courses run with Elin Hinrichsen, Penzel Therapist (In-person only)

Areas Covered

I am happy to help people anywhere in the World distantly, and in-person where a trip is viable.

Pre-Covid, I would visit Northern Germany at least twice a year (usually April/May and Sept/Oct) offering BALANCE Saddle Consultations, Saddle Checks, and Coaching in person. This stopped due to Covid and has not resumed yet due to many commitments at home at the moment, but please just get in touch if you need/would like any help and I will do my very best 🙂 .

Meet Keren!...

Get to know a little more about Keren by watching her online chat with BALANCE Co-Founder, Lesley Taylor-Brett:

History with BALANCE

"I have been extremely honoured and privileged to have been able to work closely with The BALANCE Organisation for over 13 years now.  I worked alongside BALANCE Co-Founder Carol Brett in the Technical Support Office at BALANCE HQ until she had to retire in 2018, and I continue to help Lesley Taylor-Brett (our remaining BALANCE Co-Founder) with the workload distantly from my home in Northern England.  I was so lucky to have been able to accompany Carol on many of her Saddling and Teaching trips over the years and to learn from her constantly over such an amazing 10 year period. The extensive time spent training with both her and Lesley in Functional Riding & Training, as well as Functional Saddling, have been utterly invaluable to me in my mission to promote truly kind and ethical Riding, Training and Management.

Equestrian Experience

  • Author of 'The Horse's Voice - How Kind Can Horsemanship Become?' (see below)
  • Extensive time spent training with the BALANCE Co-founders in Functional Riding & Training
  • Specialist in working with horses to promote optimum physical, mental and emotional well-being and ethical horsemanship
  • Specialist in Remedial & Therapeutic Training
  • Over 25 years working professionally in the Industry as a Riding and Horsemanship Coach/Trainer
  • British Horse Society Accredited Professional Coach
  • UKCC Level 2
  • Over 20 years working and training Horse owners in energy and communication work with horses.

Languages Spoken

I only speak English.  During the tours I did to Northern Germany in the past, I traveled with my German colleague Elin Hinrichsen; she is a Penzel therapist who has a lot of experience with BALANCE Saddles and can be available to help with German translation if needed. If I resume my trips to Germany, I hope to travel with Elin again.

The Book

*The Book is currently out of print whilst being updated, but there may still be a couple of copies left in the BALANCE Shop!

The Horse's Voice Book

Available Worldwide on Amazon, just search for:
The Horse's Voice - How Kind Can Horsemanship Become?
by Keren E. Morris, Edited by Carol Brett


Ruth & Cilla

Ruth, Northern Germany

I own a 19 years old Connemara mare and our physiotherapist ordered a saddle check. Because I ride in a BALANCE International saddle, I came in contact with Keren, who was planning a tour of Germany. Great! I had to send photos of Cilla and me and fill out questionnaires in advance, and we got close before we met, a nice experience!

During Keren's visit she really took her time with us, checked the saddle, had a through look on it and advised me on my treeless second saddle (a no-go) and gave us a riding lesson. The riding lesson was a turnaround and big eyeopener for me: Keren told me that I rode Cilla too fast in the gaits and that Cilla couldn’t relax in this tempo and therefore moved unphysiologically. It was especially hard for us to walk on straight lines and achieve a giving at the poll. As I slowed Cilla down to what felt like a crawl, the magic moment happened: She gave at the poll and released the tension in her body – on a straight line! And it wasn't just a moment, I could make the give happen again and again if the pace was right. How can it be that I have been riding for decades and do not come across this simple but important knowledge?

I gave us a 4 week riding break so that Cilla's muscles could recover. In the 4 weeks we completed the BALANCE Remedial Program, which is discussed in detail in Keren's book. I couldn’t believe it at first, but I can restore the effect of “physiological tempo = release” every day. In the meantime, we are relearning the lessons and movements under the conditions of the right tempo and suppleness. I am very sorry that Keren does not live near me and can give me regular riding lessons! Keren gave before, during and after her visit much more than she was payed for, thank you so much, Keren!


Nicola, North Yorkshire

When I was asked if I would do a testimonial for Keren I was more than happy for the opportunity to say how fabulous I think this lovely lady is.  From the moment I contacted her Keren was helpful and available.  I have an elderly horse who had Laminitis due to undiagnosed EMS and a severe rotation lead to prolonged box rest.  I need to ensure that we move forward in the best possible way for him, to regain his strength and physical integrity.  Keren has been invaluable; I felt right from the start that she was completely invested into my horses well being, he can be difficult with strangers and she took the time and showed him respect and consideration, listened patiently to us both and has given us the most wonderful support going forward.   To have someone on our team that is not only completely on our side but so knowledgeable and helpful is just wonderful.  Her advice has helped improve my riding and his way of going and things are starting to make sense in a way they never have, his shape is already changing with his new saddle and her direction.  I have no doubt whatsoever that Keren would do her utmost for every client, from the old pony to the valuable competitor.  I am just reading her new book which is a delight, if a horse could write a book about what they need and how as owners and riders we can be better for them then this would be it.  

Charlotte, North-West England

Rocko Before
Rocko Improving

Meeting Keren was the best thing that ever happened to us. She has been teaching us for approximately 5 years now. She has taught us so much in this time and we have both come on in leaps and bounds. She understands what we both need and my horse is so much happier as a result. She has extensive knowledge and her main goal is giving the horse and you best life possible together. I cannot recommend Keren highly enough xx


Eva & Samarkant

"Dear Keren,I am so so gratefull that you come twice a year to Germany and find the time to take a look at Samarkant to see how we are doing and developing. It is so amazing, and for me heart opening, to see you communicate non verbally with Samarkant. To see how willing he is to learn from you and how fast he understands and is able to do what you want him to, so he gets better balanced. Also amazing for me is to see and feel, that the one time you show him something and initialize this way the new steps, is enough, so he can build up a better balance, when I remind him of what he did with you.

But not only for Samarkant you did so, so much. Speaking to you, seeing you work and communicate with him opens my heart so much more and shows me that yes, there are so many better ways to work with horses and I am not the only one trying to do this :) I am so grateful and glad that I have the contact with you.

Thank you and I am looking forward to our next appointment. Best wishes from Germany and have a lovely time, Eva


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