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Please note: That from October 2023, all of the BALANCE-designed products are no longer available from The BALANCE SAddle Company Ltd. and this website. The production and sales of the full BALANCE range of saddles, saddle pads and harness/training equipment is now being managed by THV Saddling. The products themselves and the manufacturers are the same as under BALANCE, but will now show the THV Saddling Logo. Please go to the THV Saddling website and order via their online shop, or email them to ask about availability.

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The BALANCE Eeezy Reins™

Eeezy Reins™  provide a wonderful learning/teaching tool for riders of all ages, all levels and all disciplines.  The removable, elastic, secondary reins make them practical, easy and adaptable to use.  The reins themselves are long enough for all sizes of horses and are made from a combination of high quality leather and plain, continental webbing.  As these reins would normally be used for training rather than competing (although the main reins, used without the elastic secondary reins, are perfectly acceptable for competition), they are only available in one colour (brown).

Choosing the elastics.

The standard elastics (E2),  provide a positive (connected) feel and are therefore, preferred by most horses.  For this reason, Eeezy Reins™ are always sold with the standard (E2) elastics.

However, if you are retraining a horse who has learned to avoid connecting into the bit e.g. dropping behind the vertical, or who has become ‘bit shy’, or if the rider has been trained to avoid using a rein contact, it may be advisable to start by using the Eeezy Reins™ with our softer elastic option (E1) before moving to the standard elastics once confidence and correctness are regained. 

If you would like to buy the softer (E1) elastics, spare/replacement elastics can be purchased. Click here

 The History of the BALANCE Eeezy Reins ™

It was Carol Brett who had the original idea behind Eeezy Reins™ back in the late 1980s.  When BALANCE formed in 1993, the idea was developed into the design you see today.  Eeezy Reins™ provide horses and riding coaches with a highly effective ‘tool’ for training riders at all levels to ride with a constructive and sympathetic rein contact.

Horses like/need a combination of the following qualities in the rein contact:






These qualities are difficult to provide if the rider is stiff, crooked, insecure in the saddle, too dominant with the reins, or too timid with the reins.  At various stages of their training, many horses prefer and need, a rein contact that is firmer (but not restrictive) than a lot of riders feel confident about providing.

BALANCE Eeezy Reins™ can help riders to be more confident about exploring a range of feels in the rein contact, because the elastic sections prevent blocking of the horse’s movement.