Pro-Complete Remedial 'A' Pad

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This pad is made from two layers of ¼" gel-foam, one slightly smaller than the other, to create a graduated (stepped) ½" lift at its thickest point (in the centre).
It can be used on top of any of the Base Pads, or directly onto the Cushion Quilt versions of the BALANCE Wool Fleece Pads or Double Quilt (QQ) versions.

The BALANCE Pro-Complete Remedial 'A' Pad.

A dropped and weak back that a good design of saddle will bridge until recovered.

It can be useful for horses with a dropped back posture where the lowest point of the back is under the middle of the saddle area. Saddles that are well-designed tend to have trees and panels that are relatively flat, in order to respect the shape of the healthy, well-muscled and well organised equine body. On a horse that has a damaged posture like the one to the right, such a saddle will bridge too much to be comfortable.

This is where a Remedial 'A' pad set in the deepest part of the hollow, can reduce the bridging and allow the horse to connect up into the underside of the saddle fully, during movement.

We recommend that this pad is seen as temporary, because it is not fair to the horse to ride him in this weakened state for long periods, or without addressing the reason that he is in this state.

With supportive and correct riding/training, most horses are able to learn how to engage their hindquarters enough to lift the middle area of the back, at which point this little pad becomes unnecessary.

For example, you may be aware that when you ride in a controlled area, where you and your horse can focus on correct movement, BALANCE and engagement, the Remedial A pad is not necessary, and might even get in the way. However, when you go out on a trail ride, if you know that you and your horse cannot sustain this same level of engagement, you can make use of this pad to ensure a more even connection between the horse's back and the whole of the panel area of the saddle.

The size of this pad is suitable to use under:
BALANCE saddles in adult sizes: A, B, C, D and E (in non-BALANCE saddles from 17" and bigger).

Available in black only as it is not visible under saddle.