Remedial Pads

BALANCE Remedial Pads are made using the same gel-foam found in the Pro-Complete Base and JB Pads.

They are designed to help maintain a good weight distribution and saddle balance on horses who have postural issues and weakness as part of a Remedial approach to help them to recover.

The Remedial B Pads sit under the back of the saddle to balance the saddle when it needs more lift in this area

The Remedial A pad is designed to reduce the amount of bridging between the saddle and the horse's when the horse has a strong pattern of pulling their backs down or when it is very weak in its posture.

In both examples, good training and riding in combination with a comfortable saddle should help the horse to recover to the point where these pads are no longer required, provided ther are no underlying physical reasons for the horse not to be able to recover.