Junior BALANCE Pro-Complete Base Pad in 1/4 inch.

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Suitable for use under BALANCE Robin and Wren saddles and some other BALANCE Models in their shortest lengths. (A & B)

BALANCE Pro-Complete ¼ inch Base Pad for Junior saddles

This pad is made using:
¼" (6.5mm) thickness of 'gel-foam' along the full length of the saddle panels, plus ¼" (6.5mm) extra, internal lift at the front. It is covered in a Faux Suede material which helps to keep it stable under the saddle.

These pads have the loop side of a hook/loop fixing system along the full length and can therefore, have any of the BALANCE Pony sized Add-On Pads attached as necessary.

Some ponies like or need more protection, cushioning and lift along the full length of their saddle than our Wool-Fleece-Lined, Saddle Pad (Numnah) alone can provide. This is often the case with elderly ponies and ponies who have been wearing tight saddles and need to recover healthy muscle.

For them, this Base Pad, used between the Saddle Pad and saddle, can work really well.
It provides a cushioned feel with the benefits of the properties found in gel-foams but is thin enough not to create too much of a bouncy feel for the pony and rider.

***Please note that in order for this pad to work, it must be used under a saddle that is fitted wide enough to accommodate the internal lift at the front of the pad, without unbalancing the saddle. In other words, the saddle must be slightly wider than the pony (but never so wide as to be sitting on the withers!)
Most pony saddles are conventionally fitted in widths that are too narrow for the width of the pony, which lifts the front too high and tips the young rider into an unbalanced position on the back of the saddle. Using this pad under a saddle like this, will increase the lift at the front and be of little to no help for the pony or the rider.

Colour Options for this Pad.

See the drop down menu above and the picture for the colour options you have for this pad. This is not a commonly ordered pad and so although we will try to keep a practical black in stock, most colours will need to be ordered for you and this will be indicated by a star * next to the colour in the list.

The pad is of a size/length that will work with the Wren and Robin sized Pony saddles and Saddle Pads. (it is too long/big to use under the BALANCE Bug saddle)

If you have a non-BALANCE saddle and want to know if this pad would be the right size to use with it, please see the dimensions shown below.

  • A -- B = 19" (48cm)
  • C -- D = 12½" (32cm)
  • E --F = 7½" (19cm)

Colours available: We keep this pad in stock in a practical black. Other colours are available to order, so please contact the office for information about colour option and lead times.