This area of the website will show you products that the BALANCE co-founders designed, to work so well as part of the Functional Saddling approach known as The BALANCE Saddling System. 

You will find information about each product, how they have been constructed as well as how and why it is used. 

From 1st October 2023, if you want to buy any of these products, you will need to go to 

Look at the Sub-Categories below to find the Pad that your horse needs in their shapes and quilt types.

  • Standard Quilt, the new name for our 5oz, regular 'chicken wire pattern' quilt.
  • Cushion Quilt, the new name for our 12 oz, extra thick, 'duvet pattern' quilt.
  • Double Quilt (QQ) which uses a double layer of standard quilt in the saddle panel area.

For full details about the way the BALANCE saddle pads are designed and made, go to the following page on the site.

Please note: That from October 2023, all of the BALANCE-designed products are no longer available from The BALANCE SAddle Company Ltd. and this website. The production and sales of the full BALANCE range of saddles, saddle pads and harness/training equipment is now being managed by THV Saddling. The products themselves and the manufacturers are the same as under BALANCE, but will now show the THV Saddling Logo. Please go to the THV Saddling website and order via their online shop, or email them to ask about availability.