Shopping News

The office is closed from 4pm on Thursday 12th May, for 2 weeks.   You can still place orders, but they will not be processed or confirmed until after our return on  30th May. 

Please be aware that  our manufacturers are still losing staff to Covid illness,  so please do not place an order if you if you are not  willing to accept the potential for a delay.   We have very little control over some of the delays that are going on.   Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Shipping News

The prices we are having to charge for shipping by courier within the UK and beyond are increasing beyond all expectation!   We have delayed passing some of these on for over 18 months, in the hope things would improve, but as you know, the price of fuel and shipping just keeps increasing.   Our shipping charges have not  been  covering what we are paying the couriers, so we had to increase them.  As soon as we can reduce the shipping charges again, we will be ready to do that.  

Please use our  Facebook Page for more information. BALANCE.Functional.Saddling

Look at the Sub-Categories below to find the Pad that your horse needs in their shapes and quilt types.

  • Standard Quilt, the new name for our 5oz, regular 'chicken wire pattern' quilt.
  • Cushion Quilt, the new name for our 12 oz, extra thick, 'duvet pattern' quilt.
  • Double Quilt (QQ) which uses a double layer of standard quilt in the saddle panel area.

For full details about the way the BALANCE saddle pads are designed and made, go to the following page on the site.

Please be careful when you order any goods that are listed with an Asterix * and described as 'bespoke'. These are usually goods that we do not carry in stock because they are not a standard colour, wither contour etc. and have to be ordered especially for you. We cannot take these back into stock if you make a mistake!