All Square Shaped Pads made in our Standard Quilt

Great design features and Wool-Fleece-Lining as standard.

Delays in production of our fleece-lined saddle pads. August 2023. The manufacturers have advised that there is a delay in them getting the wonderful wool-fleece material they use to make our pads.

It is a special blend of long and short fibres of English sheep wool, which work so well when combined to create a dense, springy pile that is easier for horse owners to keep clean and working well.

It was specially created and made for us. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused while we wait for the manufacturers to receive more of our this fleece.

Please note: Most horses like/need more cushioning than the Standard Quilt (5oz.) in these pads, provide when used on their own. Therefore, they are usually used with one of our BASE PADS

Check the details of each pad to make sure that it will work for the Model, Style and length of your saddle.

Standard Quilt  Square for most BALANCE Saddle styles
Standard Quilt Square for most BALANCE Saddle styles

127.00 Plus VAT, where applicable (£152.40)

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