2nd-Hand BALANCE Saddles

Sorry we can't advise you on that as there are too many factors to consider, such as the age and condition of the saddle, the current demand, where in the World you live and so on.

The best thing to do is to look at other 2nd-hand BALANCE saddles for sale on our website and elsewhere on the internet to get a rough idea of what sort of price similar BALANCE saddles are going for.

Some of our BALANCE registered Saddle Consultant do offer a service where they will do their best to help you to sell your saddle, in which case they should be able to give you a rough idea as to how much to ask for it.

Sorry no; we don't have anything to do with selling used BALANCE saddles, except to have a page where we allow people to post their 'Used Saddles Adverts' on this site.

However, if you are not sure which 2nd-hand BALANCE saddle you need, it's best to either have a Test Ride Session with a BALANCE registered Saddle Consultant/Test Ride Facilitator, or you can take advantage of our Distant Consultation Service, so we can certainly help you with that.

Some of our BALANCE registered Saddle Consultants do help their clients to sell their 2nd-hand BALANCE saddles from time to time, so it might be worth checking in case one of them covers you area and may be able to help you.

Occasionally we do have an ex-Demo saddle for sale from the BALANCE HQ, so you are welcome to inquire about that if you wish by contacting us via the Contact Us Page.

Sorry but we can’t buy back used BALANCE saddles.  Even if we could, because we have to charge VAT on everything, we’d never be able to pay as much as you'd be likely to get for it selling privately anyway.

We can't offer a trade-in service for used saddles either (especially not for non-BALANCE saddles - BALANCE saddles are significantly different in their design features and fitting compared to other makes and models, and for very good reasons.  The only reason we design and produce saddles is because they are not available elsewhere with the specifications that the horses have shown us that they need).

If you have a used BALANCE saddle to sell, it might be worth contacting the BALANCE registered Saddle Consultants in your area in case they know of someone looking for a saddle like the one you have to sell, or may be able to help you to sell it.  You’d also be welcome to advertise it on our 'Used Saddles' page if you wish.

Unfortunately, we no longer have the manpower to look back through our records to find out when saddles were originally sold because it takes up so much time.

In truth, the age of a saddle usually doesn’t mean much anyway…there are older saddles out there that have been wonderfully looked cared for are in superb condition, and there are much younger ones that have been badly neglected and are really quite a mess!  Once a saddle leaves the BALANCE Office, we have absolutely no control over what happens to it, so there's always a level of risk with a used saddle regardless of its age.

However, as stated above, it is possible to find really great 2nd-hand BALANCE saddles, so if you find one that works really well for you and your horse, the age usually becomes irrelevant because if it is cared for well, a BALANCE saddle is of such good quality that it should last a very long time.

Click below to view a document that is designed to help people identify BALANCE Saddles:

There are three parts to this answer to accommodate three different scenarios:

  1. If you have ridden in a particular saddle and are trying to find the same thing second hand...
  2. If you are not familiar with BALANCE saddles (have not had a Test Ride Session with a BALANCE Team Member, a Distance Consultation nor tried a BALANCE saddle that you know you and your horse love).
  3. You are trying to identify a used saddle.

1. If you have ridden in a particular saddle and are trying to find the same thing second hand...

Things to bear in mind:

  • All BALANCE models are DIFFERENT. If you have ridden in an 8X (width) Zenith, but have found an 8X Felix second hand, it will not sit at the same width as the Zenith, and the panels will feel completely different to your horse. (For details about working out exactly what you need, see further FAQs).
  • The Style of saddle will affect how wide a saddle will sit on the horse, for example a Jump style will sit wider on the horse than a Dressage or GPD style of the same model and width.
  • There are many factors that can affect how an older saddle will feel to your horse, such as how it has been used and cared for.  This is especially the case with models that have a Wool-flocked panel, but there can be an impact on a foam-panel saddle as well. For example, you may find one saddle has been cared for very well and has been ridden in by a well-balanced rider on a well balanced horse, and another of the same specifications that has been badly neglected, ridden in by a particularly heavy crooked rider, on a very compromised horse and the two saddles will have become very different from one another.

2. If you are not familiar with BALANCE saddles...

Please be aware that there are a huge number of options within the extensive BALANCE range, and the different models, widths, styles and lengths all have a significant impact on both horse & rider. Please refer to further FAQs in the 'BALANCE Saddle 'Fitting'' section about how to work out what you need to look for second hand.

3. You are trying to identify a used saddle.

Click below or go to the 'Downloads' section to view a document which explains exactly how to identify BALANCE Saddles (both current and discontinued models).

Please be aware that the office is no longer able to look up how old a used saddle is for you. However, in many cases, age is not the best indicator of condition anyway - we have occasionally seen fairly new saddles in surprisingly bad condition, and have often seen very old saddles in fantastic condition.