Style: Dressage

Length: B

Width: X

Region: Wyoming

Country: USA

Condition: Described as in good condition

The Nexus Dressage has a slightly deeper seat and a narrower twist than most other BALANCE models.

Designed by BALANCE and made by Frank Baines Saddlery and in good condition

No repairs or re-flocking that I am aware of.

I purchased this saddle, used, in Florida in 2008 and ridden in it approximately 15 times for a maximum of 20 minutes.  The saddle is incredibly comfortable for me but I have recently sold my dressage horse. 

* Flap length:  17-1/2"

* Foam panels

Hanging "e" stirrup bar to minimize bulk under the rider's thighs.  Single straps, loop-style stirrup leathers fit best on this type of bar and BALANCE recommends the use of some form of safety irons with this and any form of hook-bar. 

I will pay shipping costs (within the USA)

Contact: Darcie Shipka -

Phone: 001(307)690-5470

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