Standard Quilt, for Felix, Matrix, Nexus & Zenith JUMP SDADDLES ONLY

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This version of our standard thickness, Saddle-Shaped pad, has been created to be a good shape to go under BALANCE Jump Saddles in the following models:  Zenith, Felix, Matrix and Nexus. For a pad that is a better shape for the Xtreme Jump Saddles , please look for Product Code: XJGSQ

Standard Quilt, Wool-Fleece-Lined, Saddle-Shaped Pad shaped for Felix, Matrix, Nexus and Zenith JUMP SADDLES.

Colour Options

Length Options.

The pads are available in 2 lengths...Regular and Extra Long. (our Regular length is suitable for BALANCE saddles of B and C seat lengths, we recommend the longer version for D length saddles) 

If you have a non-BALANCE saddle and want to know if this pad would be the right size to use with it, please see the dimensions shown below. As a rough guide, the Regular length is suitable for most saddles between 17" and 18" in length, but please use the measurements below to check the length against the length of the panels on your own saddle.

See the measurements below. Please note: We do accept a small tolerance of plus or minus 1cm)

Regular Length

  • A -- B = 22" (56cm)
  • C -- D = 18" (45.5cm)
  • E -- F = 9" (23cm) 

Extra Long

  • A -- B = 24" (61m)
  • C -- D = 18" (45.5cm)
  • E -- F = 9" (23cm)

Wither Contour Options.

Correct Contour (standard BALANCE shape)

All BALANCE pads are made with what we call a ‘Correct Contour’ shape along the spine. as standard. This shape respects the increase in height that you see in the horse’s back at the front of the saddle area. Our ‘Correct Contour’ pads are suitable for most healthy horses. The difference between the level of the horse’s back (where the saddle sits) and the withers, should not be pronounced.

However, if the horse has underdeveloped or wasted muscle from any number of reasons including: saddle related damage; unbalanced riding; pain in the feet; pain in the mouth, ill health etc., the spineous processes in the wither area will appear to be more prominent. In these cases our Correct Contour pads may not have enough lift at the front and the Extra Hi-Wither Option would be more suitable.

Muscle wastage makes this horse's withers look 'high' and the Extra High Wither Contour pad may be needed, but do not assume that this is the horse's natural, healthy shape!

Extra Hi-Wither Contour

A ‘High Wither’ should not be assumed to be a horse’s natural shape no matter what the breed!   It is often a symptom of something that is not supporting the horse’s well-being. However, there are times when our standard Correct Contour shape does not provide enough lift and clearance over a prominent wither, and then the Extra Hi-Wither option can work well.

The difference in height between a 'Correct Contour' pad and an Extra Hi-Wither pad is 1" (2.4cm).

Low-Wither Contour.

We can also supply this pad in an Low- Wither contour , for horses who are 'mutton withered', to avoid having too much unnecessary pad material under the front of the saddle.

Other Options available of this Pad

Alternative Fleece Option. If you have always used the original version of this pad, which was made with a fleece with a longer fibre length and not as dense as the current pads, we can still get them made with the original fleece.

No-Fleece Option. If you know your horse is allergic to, or dislikes the feel of wool against their skin, we can supply a version of this pad without the wool fleece.

Ordering Non-Standard Options.

If you want a non-standard colour, length, wither contour etc. you will need to order that item from (see note at the top of this page)

How the Pad is designed and made.

It is made using a cotton covered quilt with a 5oz wadding inside and in what is called a ‘chicken wire’ stitch pattern.

The overall size of the pad is deliberately generous to keep pressures from the saddle away from the bound edges.

The high density, medium length wool fleece is shaped to sit under the whole of the panel area of the saddle to provide comfort for the horse.  

Fixing Straps are positioned with care to avoid creating pressure points under the saddle.

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