Shires Ezi-Groom Brush

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Handy brush for revitalising Hook & Loop type fastenings and to help keep fleece saddle pads free of hair.

We have bought some of these to stock for those of you who want to keep your wool-fleece type pads and any of the 'hook & loop' fixing straps free of horse hair, so that they continue to function well.

The BALANCE range of wool-fleece lined pads are beautifully made and designed to keep your horse comfortable, by utilizing the many great properties of natural wool. However, most of these rely on the fleece being kept in a good, clean state!

Spending a lot of money on a product that works well and can carry on doing that for 20 years plus, makes good sense so it also makes sense to let it do its job by keeping it clean.

Provided that this kind of brush is used with care, and never roughly enough to snag on the knitted backing to the fleece, it can really help to stop horse hair from getting stuck into the fleece and to keep the fleece itself fluffy and able to cushion.

  • Easily removes fluff, dirt, and debris to ensure they stick securely
  • Ideal for use on wool pads, boots, rugs
  • Comfortable handle