Western Saddle Pad

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The BALANCE Western Saddle Pad

We added this pad option to our range during the time we were producing our own Western Style saddles. These saddles proved to be a wonderful addition to the BALANCE saddle family for those riders who love the look of the Western saddle, but wanted something more comfortable for their horses. Sadly, the company who were making them for us, were charging so much for the manufacturing that they proved to be impossible for us to continue to produce.

We haven't given up on being able to produce them again at some point in the future. Meantime, the pads that were used under them have continued to be asked for.

So, we include them in our range. We don't usually keep them in stock, but they can be ordered for you in any of the colours that are available in the comfort quilt range.

As with our other Wool-Fleece Pads, they can be machine washed at 30 degrees and will dry over night in warm room.

Please note that these pads do not have any Velcro along the length to attach other BALANCE pads to. They are normally used in conjunction with one of the BALANCE Base Pads when used under a traditional Western Saddle in the appropriate width.

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