BALANCE 'Magic' Cavesson

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Please note: That from October 2023, all of the BALANCE-designed products are no longer available from The BALANCE SAddle Company Ltd. and this website. The production and sales of the full BALANCE range of saddles, saddle pads and harness/training equipment is now being managed by THV Saddling. The products themselves and the manufacturers are the same as under BALANCE, but will now show the THV Saddling Logo. Please go to the THV Saddling website and order via their online shop, or email them to ask about availability.

The BALANCE 'Magic' Lunge Cavesson (CAV)

An invaluable piece of equipment for those of you who include lungeing in your training of horses and want to do it well.

The standard size Cavesson is very versatile in terms of the way it can be fully adjusted to work with full size horses of most breeds, but will also adjust down to work on smaller horses and even on some ponies.  See the pictures of Silvester the grey horse and Sam, the grey pony. However, we have had requests from a number of people for a smaller version specifically for ponies, which now have under the Product Code PCAV

If you need equipment for a miniature horse or a Draft breed horse that the standard Cavesson won't work for, please contact the office, because it may be possible to provide what you need.

The Feedback from people who have been using the BALANCE 'Magic' Cavesson is very positive.  For example:

"I can highly recommend these lunging cavessons to help you develop your horse’s straightness and self carriage on the ground. Using  this cavesson has been a part of the ground work therapy program that I have been doing with my horses. These cavessons have been designed by BALANCE (the company that makes the awesome BALANCE saddles) for the ultimate comfort of the horse and great feel and communication between horse and human. They really help horses to be straight and straightness is one of the cornerstones for developing self carriage, HQ engagement and having healthy, happy horses. I first tried the 'Magic' cavessons a couple of years ago and have been very impressed with them. Horses really like the stillness of them and the fact that they don’t twist around the horse’s head feels better to them and also gives them a really clear feel and direction. I have also found that they help the horses to lift and elevate their front end. I now have quite a few students who are ready to move onto a higher level of ground work and helping their horses to use their bodies better, so have been recommending these cavessons. They really are well worth the investment because just like the saddles, they make a very big difference."

Mel Fleming. Connecting with Horses and Riding with Synchronicity.

"By the way the lunge cavesson is brilliant- I tried it on my pony who is always a bit flinchy to lunge so I never do it- he was so good and calm and responsive- fantastic piece of equipment-"

Sarah, UK

"On another matter, I must thank you SO much for putting me on to the BALANCE International lungeing equipment. I finally splashed out a LOT of money for it, but wished I had known about it years ago, it is absolutely fantastic."

Michelle, Australia

About the 'Magic' Cavesson.

Like so many other things that BALANCE gets involved with, this cavesson is a bit like re-inventing the wheel!  Nothing new or fancy, just good, old fashioned horse sense that has, so often, been forgotten and set aside over the past 20+ years.  Because this design of Cavesson had become almost impossible to find, we invested a lot of time and money into finding a way to create this one.

The design is based on what is known as a 'Wels Cavesson', which allows it to be used in conjunction with a bridle and bit in such a way as avoids interference with the bit. The strap that goes under the horse's lower jaw can be dropped down below the bit, much like a dropped nose band, or used as a straight, 'cavesson' nose band.  

Please note that in June of 2019, we have modified the chin strap to be a continuous strap, which avoids the actual buckle  pressing up into the jaw bone.

In 2020 changed we the centre ring by allowing it to swivel. This means that it works well with the latest version of our Lunge Rein, which does not need a swivel, which makes it less 'clunky' close to the horse! On earlier versions of the Magic Cavesson, the centre ring was fixed and needed the lunge rein to include a swivel.

The two straps that go under the horse's jaw are spaced to help keep the main strap positioned well below the jaw. Depending on the size and shape of the horse's head and jaw bones, if the higher strap sits up in the position of a throat latch, but seems to be too short to stay loose, the straps can also work very well by crossing them under the horse's jaw. The top one on the off side, fastening to the lower one on the near side etc.

The metal side rings are large enough to accept reins, which is helpful when starting young horses, because when lunging, side-reins can be attached to these rings and then moved to the bit rings when the horse is confident.  

When first ridden, this also means that with two sets of reins (one set attached to the bit and the other to the Cavesson rings) the initial rein contact and aids can be  given through the Cavesson.  As the horse becomes confident these are transferred to the reins on the bit, thus making a gradual and easy transition for the young horse. 

By the way, the reason it is called a 'Magic' cavesson is because of a very special horse called Magic, who had some input into the design.

To get the best results possible, we recommend that it is used in conjunction with the BALANCE Lunge Rein. Again a very old fashioned and beautiful piece of equipment that some of us 'old-uns' remember from years gone by! 

The combination of the BALANCE Lunge Cavesson and  The BALANCE Lunge Rein are a joy to use for trainers who have the knowledge and sensitivity to appreciate the clean, honest interaction they allow between them and the horse.