Lunge Rein

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BALANCE Lunge Rein

The BALANCE Lunge Rein.  An 'old fashioned and beautiful piece of equipment that some of us 'old-uns' remember from years gone by! 

  • Wide and soft cotton webbing provides an excellent feel for the trainer and is safer for both horse and trainer than some of the modern, unbreakable synthetic webbing!  
  • A leather loop that attaches to the nose ring on the cavesson, avoids all the distracting and annoying 'jingle jangle' on the horses nose, that metal clips create.   
  • A simple leather stop at the end of the rein helps to avoid it being pulled through the trainer's hand, but there is no loop/handle for someone to accidentally/mistakenly put their hand through, which is very dangerous indeed!
  • The qualities in the rein make it easy to provide the positive, consistent rein contact that horses can trust and allows subtle communication.   

To get the best results possible, we recommend that it is used in conjunction with the BALANCE Lunge Cavesson.  

The combination of this Lunge Cavesson and Lunge Rein are a joy to use for trainers who have the knowledge and sensitivity to appreciate the clean, honest interaction they allow between them and the horse. 

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