'Magic Cavesson' in Pony Size

255.00 Plus VAT, where applicable (£306.00)

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This is the smaller version of the Original 'Magic' Cavesson. The photo shows the Original Full Size version on the left and the Pony version on the right.

The whole thing has been scaled down to work better for most ponies from 11 hands up.

For full information about the Magic Cavesson and how it came to be created, please look at the Full-Size Cavesson. Here is the link to that page.

We appreciate that the price of this piece of equipment makes it a considered purchase, but it is an expensive thing to get made. It takes no less time to make this size as the larger version and very little difference in materials.

If you own miniature horses and want something that is very small, get in touch because we have made a version in this size before, but do not plan to keep them in stock.

Our full-sized lunge rein is too big to work on the smaller ring of the pony-sized cavesson, so we can also produce a scaled-down version with a hard to find, cotton rein and a leather attachment for a good feel between the pony and the trainer. Not currently showing on the shop, but can be made to order . Please contact the office for more information.